Is Mejai's Viable?
Last Updated: July 9th 2018

Short Answer: Probably Not Worth It!

Mejai's Soul Stealer
Mejai's grants +4 stacks on Kill, -10 stacks on Death, +2 stacks on Assist

We're about to rule out one of the most contentious on-going topics in League of Legends:

Is Mejai's worth it???  Most likely not. Here is why.

First, let's have a look at our KDA in our match history

InvertedComposer's match history Bjergsen's match history: All the games but the Galio and Leblanc games would have given him less than net 10 stacks for Mejai's

The following inequality must satisfy for Mejai's to generate any positive net stacks: 
4*Kills + 2*Assists > 10*Deaths

Here are some examples:
2/1/1 - net 0 stacks (mediocre score)
5/2/2 - net 4 stacks (good score)
1/3/14 - net 2 stacks (good score)

10/3/7 - net 24 stacks (very good score)

Those are just common "decent score" examples and as you can see you don't end up with much stacks most of the time.
Well, of course, if you had bought mejai's at 0/5/0 and then ended 5/5/0, then that's a different story as that means you have not died even once after the purchase.
But here's the catch: Even if you do reach high number of stacks (e.g. 20 stacks), it usually tends to be short-lived. You are always susceptible to deaths and once you die, you lose 10 stacks.

People often overestimate the amount of time they stay at the peak amount of stacks. In reality, the average amount of stacks during their possession of Mejai's is very low.

Cost Analysis

+ 200 Mana (280g)
+ 20 Ability Power (435g)

= 715g

Mejai's requires 6.3 stacks (31.5 ap = 685g) to break even with the cost of its basic item counterpart.

Not bad, but how does Mejai's fair with other completed items?

Item Analysis

Spellbinder vs Spellbinder

Spellbinder has the most similar traits as Mejai's


Spellbinder is 2.07 times more expensive so if we were to find the break-even point of AP to cost:
120AP / 2.07 = 58 AP
Therefore, the breakeven point in raw AP is 7.6 stacks
However, until 15 stacks, Mejai's provides with no movement speed bonus
Therefore, it needs to have at least 10 stacks to have any merit over Spellbinder

So is it viable?

-This item helps a winning team win more
-This item does not help a losing team make a comeback

You really need to be honest with yourself

For every death you would need the following to maintain your stacks:
- 2 kills 1 assist
- 1 kill 3 assists
- 0 kills 5 assists

This is not so easy as it requires at least 3 enemy champions dead
You will most likely have to have won the team fight to achieve at least 3 takedowns
The chances are that if your team is losing or you tend to die a lot then this item is not for you


- Don't even think about getting it unless you already have 10 stacks on Spellbinder (gold efficiency)
- Don't even think about getting it unless your team is winning hard (higher odds)
- Don't even think about getting it if you don't think you can reach 25 stacks in the next 5 minutes (requires the right mentality)