Minion Math
Last Updated: November 27th 2018

Second to playing your champion, minions are powerful creatures
you can take advantage of to accompany your team.  But first,
you should know what they do.

  • Minions deal 50% less damage to champions (Patch 8.23)
  • Melee minions give twice as much EXP as the ranged minions do
  • When exactly 2 ally champions are leeching minion exp, they both get 2/3 of the minion experience
  • Super minion gives surrounding minions 70% bonus damage, 70 armor, and 70 magic resist

So what do we know?  If you ever have to recall, at least clear all the melee minions since they give twice as much exp than the ranged minions.  Is your jungler leeching exp from your lane while he's just sitting on brush and doing nothing?  Let him be, as both you and himself will get two-thirds of the exp which is 33% more total exp.  Are you trying to clear a wave of minions with super minion in it?  Kill the super minion first so that the rest of minions are a lot easier to kill (you will find yourself doing up to 70% more damage to minions when super minion is not present

Minion Location Awareness

Your opponent has recalled and you would like to push the lane to deny them your minion exp under their tower.
But how do you know where the enemy's next minion wave is?
It's simple, check your minimap to see where your minions are.
The enemy minions are exactly at the mirror side of your minions.

Enemy minions are at the mirror location of your minions on your minimap

A Quick Estimate of How Many Minions You've Missed

Are you good at arithmetics and seeking to improve on creep score?
Because the minions first meet in the middle of the lane at 1:54 and 2:03 for mid lane and top/bot lane respectively, we can assume that one can start killing minions at 2:00 mark.  6 minions spawn every 30s (and 7 minions every third wave)  so that's about 13 minions you can kill every minute.

This means (Timer - 1:45) x 13  is how many minions you could have killed if you were to last hit all the minions at the time.

For example, if you have 31 cs by 5:45 you could have killed
= (5:45 - 1:45)*13
= (4 minutes) * 13
= 52 cs (exact is 50 cs)

So in this example you have missed rougly  52-31 = 21 cs,

The exact value is shown below

Timer CS
1:45 0
2:15 6
2:45 12
3:15 19
3:45 25
4:15 31
4:45 38
5:15 44
5:45 50
6:15 57
6:45 63
7:15 69
7:45 76

Detailed Minion Damage Calculation

Champions take 40% less damage from minion attacks and the damage is further reduced by Champion's armor.


A Caster Minion with 25 Attack Damage attacks a champion with 30 armor.

By default, minions do 40% less damage against champions:
= 25 * (1 - 0.40)
= 15 damage

The damage is further reduced by 30 armor which is 23% damage reduction (
Formula) :

= 15 * (1 - 30 / 130)
= 11.54 actual damage

Note:  In League of Legends, all the displayed damage value is rounded-down.  So in this case 11.54 damage will be shown as dealing 11 damage in-game.  However, the actual damage dealt is still 11.54 because no value in League of Legends is rounded.