InvertedComposer's S7 Yorick Guide
Last Updated: November 24th 2016

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Top Lane
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Masteries 12/0/18
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Key Points
  • Do not attempt to fight enemy champions without Mistwalkers or Maiden of the Mist
  • Yorick is highly dependent on hitting all his skillshots
  • Never put yourself at the front line in team fights or you will be bursted down
  • Yorick needs his Ultimate for teamfights
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Update Log
October 3rd 2016 November 20th 2016
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Skill Order

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Taking Advantage of Yorick's Strengths (Yorick Videos)

Summoner Spell Choices
Flash Undisputably the best spell for Yorick.  It is especially useful for escaping and closing gap in order to activate Q - Omen of War
Ignite Easy to use and is exceptional for tower diving.  The downside is that it is not so good for escaping
Exhaust My personal favorite.  A versatile spell which can be used both offensively and defensively. (Timing is important)
Teleport A good lane controlling spell.  Allows you to split push with less risk late game

Frequently Asked Match Up

  • This match up is not as hard as you think!  
  • The key point is to only attack them when their Shield is down.  Hold all of your attacks for 1.5s their shield is up and then attack them back with everything you have in order to win the trade
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that these champions have no sustain.  Use E- Omen of Famine whenever to poke them down.
  • If they use their Ultimate to go all-out on you, immediately cast R - Omen of Deathon yourself and then cast all the other spells to receive 20% damage reduction boost from your passive.  After that, kite them for  best results. 
  • Against Riven, rush Frozen Heart instead of Tear of the Goddess to boost your chances of survival during an all-out fight
  • If you follow all the above steps you will find that there is nothing these champions can do to stop you from farming
  • They don't counter you, you counter them!
  • Play very offensively and autoattack them every chance you get
  • If you happen to spawn ghouls protect them from being slayin by the champions
  • This is because these champions regain their hit points when they slay your minions
  • In this way, you can cut off their sustain completely and prevent them from farming
  • Beware of the ganks as these champions have strong slows to hinder your escape
  • Yorick is not weak against ranged champions!
  • However these champions don't use mana as resources and they have great sustain
  • Therefore, you should only use E- Omen of Famine on them and focus on farming
  • However, if you get the chance to fight them in melee range, use everything you got to hurt them
  • Against Gnar, try to dodge all skill shots and avoid being hit more than twice in order  to prevent Hyper proc
  • Against Vladimir, avoid being hit by his AOE attack, which is Tides of Blood (E)
  • Watch out when your health drops below 40% as they can easily execute you
  • These champions are actually quite easy, just farm regularly and retaliate with E- Omen of Famine.
  • Now these guys are really annoying but eventually you will outscale them
  • I mean you'll be able to 1v1s when splitting late game due to their poor damage scaling but they're still very strong!
  • They are also better roamers than you, so make sure you have your Teleport ready for counter ganks for your teammates!
  • The idea of winning this lane is similar to that of Chogath and Nasus lane except this time they will fight back with their annoying CC attacks such as Maokai's Aracne Smash (Q), Sion's Decimating Smash (Q), Dr. Mundo's Infected Cleaver(Q), and Zac's Stretching Strike(Q).  To deal with this, simply stay further away to dodge these attacks and treat them like ranged champions.  Once their "Q" abilities are on cool down, you can start treating them like Nasus and bully then again.
  • These champions have strong baiting capabilities so watch out when you decide to go all-out
  • After you get some items, these champions cannot win trades against you.  At this point you realise that you are outscaling them!

Why is your current guide so short compared to your pre-reworked Yorick guide?

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