How to Get as Much Gold as Possible
Last Updated: December 30th 2018

You came here to find out about maximizing gold gain so here it is:

Majority of the Gold is on the first tower before the 14:00 mark.
After that it's on the champion kills especially those with bounties.
Power farming comes last if kill opportunity is not present

Here is a brief overview:
  • Minions: 137g per wave (average)
  • First Tower: 1250g (self)
  • Kills: 300g (1000g max)
  • Jungle Monsters: 100g per camp (average)
  • Epic Monsters: Baron 300g (self) | Dragon 100g (est. buff value: 400g per player)

Read on, we're going to explore them more in-depth


  • Melee Minion: 21g
  • Ranged Minion: 14g
  • Siege/Super Minion: 60-90g (caps at 17:15)

Gold per wave: 105g
Gold per wave (cannon): ~195g

To maximize your gold gain make sure you last hit minions whenever possible.
Remember that, 100CS = 2150g


  • 160g awarded per 1000 Health Removed
  • 300g awarded upon destruction (additional +200g for the team)
  • 150g awarded if you are the first to destroy a turret

Total Award: 1250g (self) + 200g (team)
Difficulty: Every time Turret loses 20% HP, it gains damage reduction of 18%/30%/39%/46% relative to its original 40 armor

This means taking out the last bar of the plating is about 2 times as difficult as demolishing the first plate. Also, if more than 1 champion is present around the turret at the time of the plate removal the turret will gain a temporal 25 Armor & MR buff per nearby additional enemy champion

To maximize your gold, try to take the platings down as much as possible before the 14:00 mark

Turret Takedown Reward

Outer Turrets: 300g self (500g total)
Inner Turrets: 350g self (550g total)
Inhibitor Turrets: 100g self (300g total)
Nexus Turrets: 50g self (250g total)

The gold reward for taking down a turret is extremely low for such a high risk.
Avoid going for Turret destructions after 14:00 mark unless you are ready to end the game.


  • Kills: 300(default)/300/450/600/700/800/900/1000
  • Assists: 150g Split
  • Deaths (Inverse Bounty): 274/220/176/140/112/100

Takedowns are great. Not only that you are rewarded with 300g you also remove the enemy player out from doing anything productive for about a minute. If you would like to have uninterrupted time power farming turret platings, minions, and monsters try to kill your enemy players first.

However, beware of overcomitting your resources on killing an enemy player that has died many times over. A player whose score is 0/3/0 is worth only 176g, which is basically 1 wave of minions worth of gold. To put this into perspective, let's say you kill your enemy 5 times, you would have gained 1100g from him. Now you somehow throw and he kills you back two times in a row. He would have gotten 1074g (800g + 274g) from you. The gold reward is about the same even though the kill count difference is 5 to 2.

To maximize your gold, try not to give up too much of your farm for a kill.
Ideally, you would want to get all the farm while scoring a takedown for some extra gold as well

Jungle Monsters

  • Gromp: 80g
  • Krugs: 80g-160g(max)
  • Red/Blue/Wolves: 100g
  • Raptors: 112g
  • Scuttler: 70g-140g (caps @lvl 9)
  • Dragon: 100g
  • Baron: 300g per player

As a lane champion clearing Jungle Camps is a great supplement to your gold income in addition to minion farming

However, jungle camps are no where as good as other income sources as they are meant to be taken during your down time. Before the 14:00 mark when the turret platings fall off, you are to focus on taking down as many turret platings on the map as possible.

To maximize your gold, only take Jungle Camps when you have nothing else to do.
It is very important to reduce your idle time as much as possible to optimize your gold gain

Epic monster buffs are very valuable for your team as a whole. You are encouraged to take Dragons and Baron whenever possible. You don't always have to give up much on your own farm to create openings for your team to slay epic monsters though. For example, as a top laner I could push my own lane and then head over to mid lane to farm there as well. This creates an opening for my teammates to take Dragon --since my presence at mid lane discourages the enemy team to contest Dragon.


To maximize your gold gain (for the last time) focus farming on Turret Platings > Minions > Monsters in that order. Champion takedowns are situational.

I wish you have all enjoyed reading my LoL analysis

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