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Trust the Pro Theorycrafter not the Pro Gamers

LoL Item Optimizer, is a program that computes the best build for any champion using pure math

The finely tuned variable presets guarantee that the builds will always be viable, both on paper and in actual games!

This is the ultimate theorycrafting tool for all players and is extremely easy to use

How does this program work?

Item OP tries every possible item combination and displays the most cost efficient build of the following 3 attributes:

Attribute Handle Type
Damage Calculated
Durability Calculated
Utility Trade-off System

Damage is calculated by comparing the damage output difference of each of the weighted combat scenarios

Case 1:DPS (25%)
Case 2:Burst Attack (25%)
Case 3:All-Out (50%)

Durability is calculated by comparing the expected surviving time difference

Varies on enemy team damage composition, overhealing / shield duration of your abilities, etc (lots of algebra involved)

Utility is an arbitrary variable that accounts for movement speed, slow, and other special effects that can't be mathematically evaluated. The user uses his own judgment to determine how much a utility is worth

Example: If you are willing to trade off 10% of your damage for 10% movement speed then that is the trade-off value

Item OP is made by a veteran LoL player

The program is hardcoded with InvertedComposer's (me) carefully theorycrafted and up-to-date algorithms. You could say that this program imitates InvertedComposer bringing out his calculator and theorycrafting on paper for hours -- except that the program gets the work done in a second.

Item OP was being developed back in 2013.

With countless amount of testing, feedbacks from users, bug fixes, and flawed logic detections, my project has come this far. I will always listen to your valid criticisms and continue to seek for improvements.

Ways to Support Item OP

I need to see some regular visitors growth otherwise I will be less inclined to work


    Post it on reddit, talk about it in stream chat, and to all your friends in real life. Make sure to talk about it in game too.


    I cry everytime because literally all gamers use adblock.


    So that the curious players would inquire you about your build source


    Completely optional, and prioritizing on the other methods above would probably help me more

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